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December 07, 2006


Mario Hemsley

Wow! I totally, TOTALLY, agree, and now I have to thank you for your in-depth discussion. I had many of these ideas before being introduced to KickApps by Masternewmedia.org, but you have stimulated many new ideas. I will be studying everything you said to be able to spread the word in as eloquent and complete a way in an upcoming vlog. I will be sure to credit your article as a source of inspiration. As a designer of “theme-based micro-niche neourban internet television networks”, I have just completed the first draft of 64 Ning sites to act as social network companions to my channels. All the while I was working, I continued to look out for tools to allow the same kinds of social networking and widget technology to be EASILY added to my existing sites, and YOU seem to be it. After looking around KickApps all day (I got hooked), I am now planning on using your platform as the main one for my website upgrades. Now they can be as happening as the MySpace and Ning sites I have done. The truth is I probably wouldn’t have done the Ning sites if I had found you first. I started building the Ning sites within 24 hours of the platform launch!
Bottom Line: Look for KickApps to be featured throughout the Pax Stereo NeoUrban Internet Television Network

Thanks for being THAT tool to take us all to this needed next level. Good luck with your enterprise.


Mario R. Hemsley, MD
CEO Pax Stereo

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